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        About Us

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        M.p:+86-951- 6149316/6149349


        Address:Nuanquan Economic Zone,Helan County,Yinchuan,Ningxia,China,750101

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              Ningxia Taiyicin Biotech Co., Ltd.(Former name Ningxia pacific Biotech Co.,Ltd.) was established in June, 2010. Its registered capital is RMB 6,250,000,00.00, locates in No.1 pacific road, Nuanquan technical area, Helan county ,Ningxia province. It is wholly owned subsidiary of  Ningxia Tairui pharmaceutical CO..Ltd. Initially Taiyicin  dedicated to produce API Erythromycin Thiocyanate , based on that, we developed several  new antibiotics by fermentation like lincomycin hydrochloride and dowstreams products like Azithromycin , & chemical synthesis products in pharmaceutical field.

              Since the establishment, Taiyicin relys on DuoWei’s superior resources, backed by National enterprise technological center, National biochemical engineering technical research center Shanghai Ningxia branch center and Country where joint engineering Lab, based on the standard Europe CEP, GMP certificate issued by national ministry of agriculture., ISO 9001 quality management system , ISO14001 environment management system , USFDA and many other countries’ quality qualification,  with China famous trademark”Tairui”, set a selling network covering more than 80 countries.”

              Taiyicin produces  annual  3000mts Erythromycin Thiocyanate  in the first stage , covering an area of 574000 square meters , invested nearly 2000,000,000.00 Chinese yuan , and introduced international advanced equipment and National top level production process , started the construction in Sep,2010, and finished it in Oct,2012. Now the number of employees is up to more than 1000, the proportion of senior technical person is 22%. Now most of our products passed China agriculture administration GMP certificate and 
        obtained the API manufacturing license.

              Taiyicin plans to invest ten billion Chinese yuan for further construction occupied an area of 2000000 square meters to produce new products, and improve product additional value, extend the industrial chain through product update and optimizing the industrial structure. Moreover, we dedicate to the development of  the industry of environmental protection and energy saving and the Enhancement of the capability of independent innovation.

               Ningxia Taiyicin Biotech Co., Ltd adhere the aim of creating social wealth, serving health industry, making great efforts to build world- level antibiotics biological  fermentation industrial base.